Masterclasses & Lecture Topics

In addition to the following special topics, I am happy to deliver a masterclass wherein I coach any repertoire of the performers’ choice.

Janette Fishell Teaching
Janette Fishell Teaching

Special Topic

  • Velvet Revolution: Engaging the Solo Organ Works of Petr
    Three Years of Tribute to Petr Eben marking the tenth anniversary of his death and ninetieth anniversary of his birth.

“Your recording ‘Dances of Life’ is incredible – it shows how very well you are acquainted not only with my works, but with my whole life.”

Service Playing: Repertoire

  • A Year of Voluntaries for Very Busy People: The art of the simple, but well-crafted, organ voluntary
  •  Grab in case of fire! Music I can’t live without for the church service
  • From Saturday Night Recital to Sunday Morning Service: The double life of sacred concert music

Service Playing

  • Service Playing: Hymn Playing- from Fundamentals to Flourishes
  • Anthem Accompaniment: Foundational Concepts of Registration and Style
  • Mission Impossible: Console Conducting techniques for the the ultimate musical multitaskers

Composer Specific Classes

  • Velvet Revolution (see above)
  • Two offerings centering on the music of Johann
    Sebastian Bach:
    • This is Your Brain on Bach: A guide to learning the
      solo organ music of J.S. Bach
    • The Seasons of Sebastian:  the Five Ages of J.S.
      Bach as seen in selected organ works

Style and Technique

  • Finding Your Freedom: Developing a Healthy and Expressive Technique for Life
  • Music, Up Close and Personal: Some tips on the art of practice
  • From Notes to Music: How to Practice Musicality
  • Knowing What You Feel and Feeling What You Know: The Pedagogy of Informed Intuition